Friday, July 6, 2012


In this blog we will record the development of the Implantable Sensor with Lamp (ISL) at Open Source Instruments Inc (OSI). We introduce the ISL development program in our Technical Proposal and present it in detail in our Conceptual Design.

The blog is registered under the OSI Google account ( I, Kevan Hashemi, will administer the blog. To make posts of your own, you need a Google account, and I must add you to the list of users entitled to make posts. Anyone with a Google account can leave comments.

One you are set up as post author, you can look at the lists of existing posts, create new posts, and edit posts. You can configure the text editor to interpret your typing as HTML, or to perform the HTML encoding for you. You will have to experiment with the preview button to learn how what you type and what you see are related.

You can store image files on our OSI ftp site, and display them in your posts with hot links, or you can upload the images directly to the blog. If you prefer to store your images on the OSI site, you can obtain the user name and password for upload to the OSI site from me. Put your images in the ISL directory and display them with a hot link in your post. Here is an example. Look at the source code for this post to see how to add hot links. Click on the image for a larger version.

Working on the ISL development at OSI are: Michael Collins (the glass fiber taper), Michael Bradshaw (the LED mounting and gluing to the taper), Jim Bensinger (mechanical design of head fixture), and Kevan Hashemi (electronic circuits).

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